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An open source shop is the right solution

Open source is software where you can change and customize it as you like . That is an open source web shop is a piece of e- commerce software , which allows you to tinker and change as much as you want. Anyone can view the source code , use the software , modify and optimize the source code and distribute the software .

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Benefits of Using an open source online shop

First of all , there is money to be saved by using open source. Do not pay for expensive licenses or pay to have complicated systems developed from scratch. With open source , you get free access to advanced e -commerce software that you have free opportunity to develop further.

example . Book a web shop with us, you pay no license or for us to develop the system for you. You only pay for the hours we use to design and customize our open source software to suit your shop.

With open source , there you are not married to your provider - if you ever want to switch suppliers or get others to make changes to your shop , then there is nothing that stops you. You might not be in a situation where you are stuck and dependent on a company .

We use Joomla and redSHOP

cornerstone of our webshops that we use Joomla CMS. Joomla has been repeatedly voted the world's best CMS system, as it has both an enormous amount of good features , but also because it is so easy to use and comfortable to use .

Joomla we have developed a web shop system we call redSHOP . With redSHOP you get a sea of possibilities, for example . Integration of payment gateways such . ePay , Quickpay and DIBS. It can also be expanded with an abundance of plugins or integrated ERP systems. It is a huge range of options - which you can read more about here . We are big proponents of open source - so redSHOP course also open source, which means you can modify the source code as you wish.

Let's grow your open source shop

With us you pay as I said, only for the hours we use to design and setup of the system. You do not pay for the license or the development of a system from scratch. Thus , there is both a lot of money to save , but it also makes you as a customer get a better solution.

An open source system like Joomla will actually be used on millions of sites on the net , which means that it is thoroughly tested and optimized over many years of development . If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do for you, we would very much like to take an informal chat about your ideas and our skills. You are very welcome to send your information and we will contact you and have a chat about your ideas.

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