We use cookies and we are happy. A cookie is a simple small text file that is stored in your browser. Cookies make the interaction between the user and the Web faster and easier. Without cookies , it would be difficult to add a product to a shopping cart in a shop, or to personalize a Web experience.

Primary cookies are used to make the web experience effective and comfortable for the user. Moreover, it is a really clever technique to track user behavior and enhance the visit experience. A well known tool which is often used, for example; Google Analytics detects things you like, your browser type, geographic information, what you see on the website, etc.. This tool is used to improve their websites so that the visitor gets a better experience. In short, they would experience on the web may not be the same without cookies.

There is obtained a law places some requirements that make visible the use of cookies. The rules say that you must make visible certain information on its website, and we hereby do.


What do we use cookies for, and who has access to this information.

At redWEB we use cookies to make statistics and analysis via the Google Analytics. The data we use to enhance the visit experience on our website . A selection of items we keep statistics about :

  • User's geography.
  • How the user has come to our website.
  • As the user works on our website.
  • How long ago used and which pages visitors are falling on.
  • Browser Type.
  • Which device ( mobile , PC, tablet , Mac, etc. )

All these data are anonymous, and we do not have access to any personal information. The data is only available for internal use and will of course never be resold or similar.


How do you as a user can block and delete cookies.

It varies from browser to browser , how to delete your cookies. Typically, this is done in the browser settings , or by using hot keys.

All recent browsers you can use shortcut keys : Ctrl + Shift + Delete to delete your cookies.

Do you want to completely block cookies , so this can also be done through your browser settings. We would not recommend that you choose to take advantage of the solution.


Our contact information. - offered by:

redWEB ApS
Blangstedgaardsvej 1
5220 Odense SØ


What personal information is being collected on the page.

We collect personal information when you contact us, ie for example . if you want a quote on a new shop and fill out our form . These personal data will never be disclosed to third parties. There will not be collected any personal information unless you have given us the information , for example . in connection with a request via our contact form. Personal information is used to provide you with relevant answers to your inquiries.


Rights and protection of the data recorded.

We follow the Data Protection Act and keep your personal information confidential and secure. All data is stored on computers that have limited access and are in controlled facilities. We continually review the safety and ensures that your information is handled securely. We can never be 100 percent guarantees safety, as there will always be a risk that other forces itself upon unjustifiably access to information. Therefore, you should be aware that when you provide your personal information so you do so at your own risk.