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Do you need help to set up shop?

Let redWEB help you get started selling online. It requires both hard work and patience if you are to be successful with your online shop online. We can help with everything at shop startup.

We can design and develop your store from scratch - with a focus on conversion and sales. We can also help you with marketing and optimizing shop for the search engines.

What does it cost?

Good advice in relation to the start-up of shop

Make at least be able to take in at VISA payment. It does not work with a shop which only takes on Paypal . You should also be able to take in at the international payment by MasterCard and Visa.

Make sure your design is responsive - then shop also look great on iPads and smartphones. More and more sales are coming this way.

It is important that you plan early in the right shop system in place. We use redSHOP , which we seemed well suited to the needs of our customers , as it is a system that works great both on complex shops , but also the small niche shops . There are lots of shop systems , with different advantages and disadvantages. However, it can be really annoying and time consuming to choose a system and then move far in the process .

Remember think about search engine optimization from the start of . SEO is the best way to get free traffic . However, it is an advantage that the structure and SEO mindset is in place from the start.

Remember to collect email addresses - one newsletter does one have to live in bad periods. In addition, it helps to give loyal customers.

Keep your shop understandable and simple . Make sure your shipping rates are understandable and reasonable. It is also important that your delivery is transparent and that you keep it.

You should have a phone number on the side - which provides security and credibility. Have focus on your reputation. A bad reputation can ruin your business , so it is important that you follow up on your reputation on the web , for example . Trustpilot .

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If you are unsure about what it takes to start an online shop? We want to help you. You can contact us or send us your details - we will contact you. We give to quote on production of your new shop.

You are most welcome to see our references - we have done some online shops for small and large customers.

Let us help you get started with a new shop

At redWEB we have many years of experience with e-commerce and web shop solutions. We can help you get started with the right solution. We can help you with everything from visual identity to SEO, optimization, financial management, etc.. Get a professional partner from the start. You can find more inspiration and information in these links.

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