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A point which is hugely important to many shop and website owners is that their Joomla page properly SEO optimized . It is a basic requirement for proper rankings in Google that your website is properly optimized .

Technical SEO is one of the more advanced forms of search engine optimization. This is in brief that the more pages your website has , the more difficult it may be for search engines to understand and find individual pages . This is where the technical search engine optimization can make a difference .

Technical SEO Optimization - essential for your website

The more complex your website is , the more important it is that there has been a technical effort to ensure that there will be no problems for search engines. ,

A large shop with many sides and many different functions , for example . a complexity which can easily create comprehension problems for search engines. However, it may also be appropriate to make technical search engine optimization , even if your website is not as extensive .

We can help you with technical search engine optimization

When we build a Joomla website from scratch , we have the technical search engine optimization from the start , but we can also help you if you have a Joomla website that we has helped to create .

Technical SEO is done in the " back room " and does not affect the look of your website , so you will not feel anything to change , except that your website will get better ranking in search engines .

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