Competitor Analysis - Keep track of your competitors' SEO efforts

Competitor analysis is a good starting point for your own SEO strategy. Once you know what keywords your competitors are counting on you as a good basis for deciding which keywords you want to bet on.

In competitor analysis, we look at your nearest competitors - what keywords they would like to reside and where they are placed in the search results.

Competitor Analysis - A unique dynamic analysis

Competitor analysis is dynamic, meaning that it will look different, depending on the operators it will cover. It's not a list we can cross off because it just is different, what is relevant to highlight in the analysis.

In short, our competitor analysis a snapshot of your competitors:

  • What keywords they bet on?
  • How to optimize the conditions for the keywords?
  • How high is the search words?
  • Do they have any unique messages they want through with?

Competitor analysis is not binding, and you do not commit yourself to anything. You can easily use it to keep working with SEO on your website. It can of course also be used as a starting point, we begin to optimize for you.

Competitor analysis is with our SEO report is an excellent starting point when you want to make a serious effort with SEO on your website.

You can easily use the report if you want to work with the optimization of your website. We can, of course, wholly or partly make the job of optimizing your website if you wish. Please contact us for more information.

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