Newsletters - Are newsletters important to you?


Newsletters are a science, but if you master it it is also an effective sales channel. It's all about design , timing , relevance and the right lyrics. It does not matter if you send out newsletters to 100,000 if the mail is not being opened. When it comes to newsletters there are two things that are essential: sign-ups and conversion.

How do I get people to sign up for the newsletter?

This is where it all starts. Sometimes the answer is quite simple: do you offer anything recipients want? Is it good enough to bother signing up?

The more relevant your newsletter, the more entries you get. For example, if you have a major appliance store you can provide tips and useful knowledge as well as offers for readers to save over 30% on purchases. Or, offering a useful guide or download when a visitor signs up to receive your newsletter.

We have tried it many times before and have the skills to get your newsletter to be more than a half-hearted attempt with too few sign-ups.

How do I get my newsletter to convert

No doubt you want your newsletter to be effective. When it doesn’t work - it's really annoying. We can certainly help. Besides making sure the mail does not automatically go into the spam folder (this happens almost automatically if you only write in capital letters), your newsletter content must work well with the design.

We have the expertise to help you create effective content and a well designed email template that you can use again and again.