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With Google AdWords you can be sure that your business gets its message out on the web.

Google AdWords is a brilliant web-based marketing channel for people who have a shop or a website, which aims to sell something. With Google AdWords, you can compose your ad, and you only pay when someone clicks on them. You can always measure exactly how many calls you get from AdWords, so you can see what you are getting for your money.

Success with AdWords, is first and foremost about writing a catchy ad text and to ensure that the customer lands a good place on your website after its click. Moreover, it is extremely important to find the right keywords, and they are set up correctly.

Google Adwords starter

We offer a Google AdWords starter kit, which we put up a campaign for you. We do all the initial work on keyword analysis and setting up campaign. We do, of course, this together with you. Then we can proceed with the following options:

Support Agreement

You run basically the campaign, but we provide 1-2 hours of support per. month.

Maintenance Agreement

We maintain and update your campaign and manage it all, so you do not have to work with it.

Do it yourself

You work on with your campaign, without that we involve ourselves further.

If you buy a starter kit through us, and you have not an Adwords account so we can offer you a voucher for Adwords, where you get to 600, - kroner advertising, once you have used 200, - kroner.

We are always ready for an informal conversation about whether Google AdWords is right for you.

For those who already have an active AdWords campaigns

At redWEB we have a vast experience in optimizing and expanding active Adwords campaigns. Based on your campaigns, we can expand and improve your results.

Contact us today if you'd like us to help you improve your campaigns. 

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What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a tool to pay to the relevant ad placements in Google. It gives you the opportunity to get exposed to your goods or services to people looking exactly after your stuff. It runs through PPC method, ie "Pay Per Click", which means that you only pay for the clicks your site receives.

You get advanced tools that allow you to set up tracking your campaigns so you can measure down to individual keywords on they give you profits.

It is a super tool for you, which will not wait for you to obtain the correct rankings in Google through search engine optimization. One does not exclude the other. Many also use Google Adwords in combination station with a search engine optimization efforts. Here are tested relevant keywords by using paid marketing - so they can find out what keywords they should optimize their side.

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