Joomla Extensions - if it can be drawn, we can build it.


In doubt as to whether you can get all your wishes fulfilled with features and functionality for your website? As one of the world's largest contributors to Joomla development, we have a lot of 'off-the-shelf' products we have developed which may provide the functionality you need. If not, we can develop it for you.

Do you need an extension for Joomla?

We have developed hundreds of extensions for Joomla, including redSHOP, which is one of the best and most popular webshop components for Joomla. You'll find them all at If you can not find exactly what you need, we can either customize an existing component or build something new.

Many of our components and modules have been developed in cooperation with customers. This means that they are fine-tuned and tested in the real world. We have great technical knowledge and our work with extensions for Joomla is of the highest quality.

Always ahead of your competitors

It's hard to stand out on the web. Development continues rapidly, and it can be difficult to follow along. We are always ready to innovate online and we have the skills to develop whatever you want. Whether it is a brilliant extension to your webshop, a special dealer card or a smart functionality on the website, we can help you.

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