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We can develop your app for Android. There is strong growth in the app area and it is becoming more and more popular to use apps - that is why you need to follow.

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Android Apps are growing in number

In recent years sales of both smartphones and tablets have risen, which has led to fact that Internet traffic percentage share from smartphones and tablets has exploded.

It's about being available where your customers are - it is not enough to be visible when they sit in front of the computer, but also when they sit on the couch with their phone or tablet.

How it is constructed and what your customers want, is of course individual from one industry to another, but one thing is for sure - if you have right idea, it can become the next big thing.

There are many companies who are waking up and start using smartphones and smartphone related apps as a tool to make their lives easier. Consider, for instance making an app where the constructor sends tasks to his employees where they can mark it finished - when the job is done. The possibilities are endless.

Integration with existing systems

We build components for Joomla, when we produce websites and we have extensive experience with connecting apps with websites. An example could be, pulling data from a database, so that both the app and website displays the same information. Although we specialize in Joomla, we are not locked by the system, so if you need to integrate it with another system, of course we can also help with that. We produce native apps, hybrid apps and Web apps, depending on your needs.

Examples of Android Apps that we have developed

redWEB has long and wide experience within Android app development. We can create all sorts of apps - everything from the small and simple apps, to large and complex Android apps. We have, for example created an Android app to H.C. Andersen festivals, where you can see the various venues and activities - with GPS integration.

We have also developed an app for a radio station, making it possible to stream their channels their users. Also on our reference list is project management programs, product catalogs, recipe apps and time recording software.

These are just a few examples of the diversity in the tasks we have done. We can do all sorts projects - from small to large scale.

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