Wireframes - The sketch that ensures a complete result


A wireframe is a website's blueprint. This is where large parts of a website are planned and it is always part of the process when we work with new websites or online stores.

Wireframe is used in pretty much the same way as when an architect makes drawings for a new house. It gives a super good view of the entire building. How to get from room to room and all the cool features the house has. Wireframe is thus not the finished website, but a simple visual presentation of what content is where and how to navigate through it.

Wireframe is fundamental for:

  • Information design: What do the different pages contain? What should be in focus?
  • Navigation: How do you move around the website? How do we make it easy and simple?
  • Interface: What features should the website have? How do they work? Where should they be placed on the page?

A gift for both the process and the final result

With wireframes we get to try a lot of good ideas without large amounts of work. It will be the basis for both designers and programmers to work with your solution. The decisions we make together in the beginning about navigation, content and features are what are present when the website is ready.

The obvious benefits for you are:

  • Your customers will have an easier way to find what they are looking for on your website.
  • You get an insight into the design and can adjust it early in the process.
  • You get a good overview of the different types of pages, content and functionality.
  • The call-to-action and corresponding buttons become clear.
  • You get a more complete and thorough web solution.

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