Visual Identity - Is the design part of the strategy for your new website?

Good design creates positive bottom-line results. We design, develop and deploy websites in Joomla CMS with great designs and some of the markets strongest technical solutions.

At redWEB we know that great features mean nothing if the design is not up to par. That is why we have headhunted some of the most talented graphic artists we could get a hold of. They are an important part of the team that ensures a well-rounded web solution that makes you and your business look good on the web.

It should look good!

We know how much it means to you and we take pride in creating beautiful designs on the Internet. For example if you are in a niche market with luxury products, your website can't look like an outdated piece of junk. It is your visual identity that gives the important first impression and says something about who you are and who you are addressing. Your visual identity is crucial to how your users see you.

Sell more with a sleek design

When you prioritize the design for your website or your online store, it shows on the bottom line. The design helps make your customers and business partners confident when shopping in your store and helps them find their way around your site. It is not irrelevant how your site looks.

We always start by getting to know your business and the industry you are in. From here we work on fitting you into the segment, but also to make you stand out from the competition. It's a delicate balance. The result is that your visual identity becomes clear.

We also help you with your new logo and have experience in transferring your new design to printed materials, such as business cards and stickers for your company car. The new website design often results in being the beginning of a completely new visual identity which also may include business cards and other printed materials.

The design means so much

Does your shop have a professional look? Then the user feels safe. If your website has a stylish design, that may be the main reason that you have been chosen instead of your competition. A good design is not just about looking good, it also takes users by the hand and leads them safely to the goal line. Therefore, the question is: Can you afford not to look good on the Internet?

What should your corporate identity be?



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