Conversion Optimization - Create higher sales!


A lot can be done if you want to sell more in your online shop or to get more customers to choose you based on your website. Work on your website should not stop the day you go online.

Good work can always be made better

It is a good investment to continue working with your website, even after it has gone online. It's all about looking forward if you want to stay in front.

If you do not convert well enough, or your rank on Googel goes down, we are the ones who can help you become successful again. We take care of the heavy analysis and the boring numbers and gives suggestions to you on how we can make value adding improvements to your web solution.

You are always welcome to take an informal chat with us about how to do better on the web.

Give customers painless access to purchase

If you really want to kickstart your sales in your online shop, it's a mix of having the right features and optimized design. Sometimes it's small optimizations that make the big difference.

Conversion optimization can be addressed in many ways. The most important thing is to put the users in focus and find out how we can make it better for them through usability- and user tests.

When conversion rates need to be increased, it is about taking customers by the hand and helping them on track. Eg. by making the "purchase" button more visible or checkout procedure easier. It could also be something as simple as adding more payment options?

We have worked with online shops for many years - even with some larger ones. Therefore, we also know what it takes to get the conversion rate up. For example by using, split tests and with knowledge of the best analytical tools, we help you improve online constantly.

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