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Together we Build Solutions for the Future

We have over 50 dedicated employees who are all passionate about what they do. This means that we always develop complete solutions where all the important aspects are thought out. We have employees who specialize in everything from analysis, concept development and design, technical development, search engine optimization and game development.

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Analytical work ensures that the web solutions we design and develop are well thought out, easy to use and convert well.

Websites or online shops should not just look good and have cool features, they have to be meaningful too. We optimize your site through split tests and user tests, and work with your company's online strategy both before and after your website has been launched.

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Analyse er vejen frem når man laver webløsninger

Designet tager udgangspunkt i analyser


From the first sketches we are using the information that the analysis work has given us. Our overall goal is to develop a design that works in real life. This includes making the design user friendly and leading the customer's focus to the right places.

Your visual identity online is your most visible public face. This is what your customers and partners remember. Therefore visual design is the very heart of our work. To make the design work in real life, it must be user friendly and to ensure that we use usability tests and wireframes. 

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If the engine runs smoothly you forget that it is there. That is the foundation of our development. It is the developers' work that creates "magic" in the complete and attractive web solutions we make. We are always ready to take up the challenge and create something new.

With over 20 dedicated developers, anything is possible. If there is a special function you need we can develop it. Besides normal websites and online shops, we also develop apps for iphone and android as well as games and quizzes for children and adults.

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Forside Markedsføring


Here is where you can really make a difference when your website has gone online. Within marketing, our experts in SEO (Search engine optimization) help you improve your rank on Google.

Our vast knowledge and experience with newsletters, social media, banner marketing and promotion on the web help you raise your conversion rates.

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