Kolding kommune

Municipal website with Joomla

In working with the municipality of Kolding website we went through a thorough preliminary analysis and the basic form "Wireframing" was put under the microscope to give the website an optimal structure.

Employees at Kolding Municipality who maintains and updates the website say it has become easier, and it is internally become more flexible to work with the content.

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The simple and lightweight design was built into a Joomla template, ensuring a clear and concise website where the user focuse is easily led to precisely the desired location on the page.

Self-service is important at Kolding Municipality's website, and it is important that people who use the site find it user-friendly and easy to navigate. Great emphasis was placed on the construction and design phase, which redWEB has extensive experience and established with a high degree of professionalism.

Kolding Municipality puts great importance on usability for council employees, whether it is a municipal director or social and health care assistant who is the user.

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