Reflections on Joomla World Conference 2013



Last weekend (8-10 November) was the Joomla World Conference 2013 in Boston, USA. I have been inspired to share my experiences with the rest of you, after seeing others do the same.



  • The conference was held at Harvard Medical School's stunning surroundings
  • 300 participants from around the world
  • 80 talks over 3 days, 3 keynotes each day up to 7 lecture to select between at once.
  • There was live streaming of all lectures
  • Keynote Sene has already been posted on the official Joomla Video Channel
  • Were held Joomla! Bug Squad Saturday night. 25 participants, plenty of beer and plenty of bugs fixed.
  • Joomla! 3.2 was releaset shortly before JWC 2013

I have participated in the last two Joomla! Day Denmark events, and sniffed a little to what it means to be a part of the community, but since this was my first Joomla World Conference, I was not sure what to expect me of the trip.

The purpose of Joomla World Conferencen is to share knowledge to a global audience and work together to make Joomla's community a better place to be.

The Social Aspect

The social aspect and networking is very important in the picture, and it has helped to make it a truly unique experience - far from what I in my wildest dreams did could imagine.

The organizers did a great job and made ​​sure that everything went as it should. I know it's been a great job, and therefore will send them a message. Thanks to Dianne Henning, Victor Drover, Jon Neubauer, Mike Carson, Martijn Boomsma and our own Jerri Christiansen, TJ Baker & Ronni KG Christiansen.

I did not know many of the other participants in advance, but all have been very open and welcoming.

With 300 participants of all ages, with different backgrounds and nationalities, you arae sure to make new friendships, a lot of acquaintances and good contacts.

Our Participation

We are a large international company with talented colleagues around the world. By participating in JWC I got the chance to meet Gunjan, Allan & TJ from our team face to face, which will strengthen our cooperation in the future and bring us closer together as a team.


Ronni K.G. Christiansen & Dianne Henning som vikinger i vores redCOMPONENT bod.

This year's message

Writing this article makes me think more about the messages that were shared in the community, rather than anything else was going on. As a graphic designer exquisite I the "softer" lecture. Among the lectures I had to, I will highlight:

1. Joomla Ignite

If you missed the JWC and only have time to see one thing, I would recommend Joomla Ignite presentation. A new initiative for the conference - a little competition. 12 speakers were selected by a panel of judges and given 5 minutes to inspire, inform, teach us something or just make us laugh by bringing his message. 20 slides that change every 15 second. Then it went on to obtain participants' voices.

mattmullenweg2. The History of Wordpress

Matt Mullenweg co-founder of WordPress and Automatic stopped by this year's JWC. Why a WordPress presentation on a Joomla event, do you think? To challenge ourselves, learn from others and articulate Open Source! Here's the story of how WordPress was up to and where they are today.

3. The inventor of "Responsive Web Design"

Ethan Marcotte gave a keynote on the second day of responsive web design. To be displayed can not be said that much. It just shows!

4. Bringing back the mullet

A mullet - business in the front, party in the back. David Hurley's speech, which was the closing keynote, summed up quite nice what Joomla community stands for. It's about building Joomla for the end user how we can bring new faces into the Joomla community and strengthen Joomla reputation and position in the industry and as a company.


5. How to delegatae like a boss

Deb Nicholson began with the conference first key note. Her lecture was about that many think that it is more time-consuming to hand over tasks to someone else who solve them, but basically, it's just about learning how to survivors things properly and how to handle different situations. Deb gives his thoughts on how best to do this.

6. To build a brand and a culture that speaks for itself

How do you go from being a company with a social movement? Luke Summerfield gave tips and tricks on how to build your brand's culture in order to attract lifelong true advocates and employees. Coca-Cola does, Harley Davidson do it, do you?

7. Something, something, something .... website

www = world wide web. The Internet is for everyone. Kevinjohn Gallanger's lecture comes to online accessibility. I think the vast majority of participants see this as a friendly reminder that we might skip cut corners a little too often. See Kevinjohns lectures and learn more about Mac Vs. PC, color contrasts, responsive web design and tools for reading aloud of websites.

Want to read more?

If you want to read more about JWC I recommend Peter Bui’s blog and keep an eye on the many interviews he managed to perform during the conference (All 17 units).

The final "words of wisdom" ...

Many may have attended one of the local Joomla days, but I would strongly recommend attending the Joomla World Conferencen. It is a unique experience that will give you friends from all over the world. But beware! To participate in the Joomla! Days and other events are addictive - so you have been warned.

I have had a fantastic experience and am very happy that I got the chance to participate and witness all the educational, funny and weird moments that have brought with them. I intend to keep in touch with the amazing people I have met.

Finally, there is only one thing to say: See you next year for Joomla World Conference 2014!


Årets gruppefoto

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