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New Website - What should I take into consideration?



There are a number of relevant topics that you should consider if you have developed a new website. In this article, we'll look a little on some of the things we think you should decide if you go out and invest in a new website.

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Thinking about a new website?

Thinking to develop a new website? We have produced a guide to some of the things you should relate to if you are looking for to design a new website. It is obviously not the complete guide, but an insight into some topics that may be relevant to you who are considering investing in a new website.

What's important to me?

Before you go hunting for a supplier of your new website, so it is important that you become aware of what it is you are looking for. It's a great idea to set specific goals for what the new website should be able to.

It may, for example. be that creative expression is hugely important to you, or that the page must be optimally optimize to the search engines. It may also be you have special needs in terms of access structure - eg. by a larger organization, or that it is important that the page is optimized to people with visual impairments.

Any company or person has different needs, so it is important that you become aware of the needs you have, so you have the best opportunity to find the website provider that can meet your needs.

From the supplier's point of view, it is also important that these needs are identified from the start, as it is always easiest to think them into the solution, if they come to the table from the start.

Is your solution tailored? 

Should we have developed a new website, you should also consider whether there is anything to be tailored. So is there anything to be developed / programmed or whether it is straightforward.

Is there anything to be developed, it is often here that the sheep are skillet from the chaff - in web development. Many web agencies can develop a nice website, with the standard tools, but must be integrated into other systems, programmable advanced features made ​​process optimization, etc., so many agencies fall off. They simply do not have the skills in the more hardcore part of web development.

So if you are looking for a new website, which must be some complicated things, then you should:

  • Be aware of the technical development, it obviously costs money. It takes time to program the major functions.
  • Not all agencies can make technical development - so be critical in your choice of agency. It may end up really expensive if you first choose an agency to do its part and then you will have to choose another - to develop and integrate the functions as the first had been unable.
We have extensive experience with technical development and believe that we can develop everything for you. Our slogan is "if it cana be drawn, it can be done" - and that we take seriously.

Which CMS should I choose?

Web design companies swear often for different systems - sometimes it resembles quite religious states when companies have to sell the system they use. There are many CMS systems on the market and it can be confusing choosing.

In short, it is a CMS system, the system that handles the data in the database - which allows you to both display data (like your website) and manipulate the data.

As I said, there are a variety of CMS systems - some cost money, so you buy a license to use the system. Other costs a monthly fee, typically systems developed specifically of web design companies and then there are open source systems where the system does not cost anything.

Open Source

There may be advantages and disadvantages with each system, but at redWEB we go all in favor of open source. We use Joomla, which is one of the most popular and CMS systems used in the world. The advantage of open source is that there is many thousands of people and develop the system so that each day gets better.

This will give you a long lasting solution in which the system itself does not cost anything to run and each day gets better. In addition, you get the advantage of being located thousands of developers around the world and make enhancements to the system. So if you suddenly realize that, for example. wish to include a particular option, then there is a good chance that it has already been developed and can be downloaded for free.

If you just want a simple information website, it does often not that great, which system you choose, but you must have an advanced website - which is also future proof as it can be disastrous to choose the wrong system.

CMS systems and security

Choosing one of the major open source systems can be both positive and negative in terms of security. The advantage is that when millions of websites running on the same system , then all imaginable and unimaginable vulnerabilities well tested. With an open source system like Joomla , there is the ongoing got security holes , but they are also been quickly detected and resolved .

The negative is obviously to gain by breaking a widespread system it is somewhat larger for hackers because they pluslig access to extremely many websites which motivates hackers to get better and better .

For the smaller systems - both the small open source systems , but also by the private developed CMS systems gains are not as great at hacking. It's not the same number of pages hackers get access if they managed to break into reverse so it is often easier for a hacker to crack a small system , since it is not as well tested and improved over many years.

Choosing the right supplier

We would obviously like you to choose redWEB supplier of your new website, but it is not certain that our profile matches with your needs. When you have developed a new website, so it is important to study the market and find the provider that matches your needs best.

When you need to find a supplier, it is important that you have some different things in mind. First of all, then do as mentioned earlier - be aware of what is important to you. What features and core areas you want to focus on. There are also a number of other points you should take into consideration.


Your budget can open or close many doors - If you have a budget of $1,000 USD for development of a new website you will not be in our range or that of many of our compeitors.  It is certainly not to sound pretentious, but that 's the reality . Do you need professional people to do a job they specialize in - it costs money.

Price and quality are often linked - and your budget is not very big, so it may mean that you will have to cut down on the level of ambition.

Remember to count the total price out . With some companies , you commit your x number of years , with an annual cost of X number of thousands. For some it may sound scary with a price of a new website at 18,000 crowns , whereas 6.000, - per year , with a bond of 3 years - sounds more palatable . In practice, however, the same price. Rain all the total costs and stick it up against what you get from the different companies.

Looking for a supplier , it's a great idea to contact suppliers interesting and have a chat about your project. You should be able to get a quote from different companies. You are certainly welcome to contact us - we are always ready to give a quote on your project.

No one person can be everything

If you need a new website of the highest quality you should also be aware that nobody in web industry can do everything. You are looking for a web agency, so there may be advantages to choosing one where their employee group covering different areas of expertise.

A graphic designer is good at the graphic, SEO expert, search engine optimiztion, the developer can handle the coding and text writer can write the correct copy. There may be great advantages in choosing a web design company where employees have different core areas - versus small companies where a person has many hats.

You must have ccess to your own content

You must have access to change your own content - as simple as that. Some companies claim that all changes must go through them, or that they will only change the content X number of times per year. You should have access to everything yourself, or answer a bit like buying a house, but can not move the furniture around, once you have moved into. It sounds a little crazy, of course, with the practice, but it is in Denmark and you should be aware of it.

When you have purchased a product, you should have access to all files, database, content on the page, etc..

Pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO)

Many web design companies also sell search engine optimization, either as part of their regular package or optional. It is one of the most important points - compared to the success of its new website. If you have commercial content and expect to make a profit, or gain new customers through your page so that should also be considered SEO into your solution.

If your website instead merely required to present the family cat or the like, it is obviously a point that you can skip.

It varies from company to company, how the work is sold and performed.

However, there are some pitfalls you should be aware of:

If a company will sell you a solution where you are "found by the search engines", then in a few cases be Google Adwords, which are paid marketing where you buy into advertising sites in Google. It may be effective, but each click costs money, which you should be aware of. It has no direct relation to search engine optimization.

In some cases, you can buy the SEO of each keyword - here are 2 things you should be aware of:

  1. Some keywords can be extremely easy to get to be # 1 in Google, so for example if you go after the word "Applied Arts in Nørresundby", then it will often be an expensive purchase location.
  2. Make sure you are working with a professional SEO company as there may be a risk that they affect your page negatively if they are working aggressively to get good rankings for your keywords.

Search engine optimization can be incredibly confusing, there can be many things to consider. In addition, the SEO industry a little reminiscent of the Wild West, as there are some players who have limited knowledge and are only out to make a quick coin. There are many pitfalls, so it's about choosing a company that knows what they are doing.

How search engine optimization is performed by the various companies - it varies widely. But when you are looking for a new website, so be sure to choose a company that is aware of SEO.

It is important to search engine optimization considered in the next - before being produced, as it can often be difficult to correct a website for the purpose of SEO optimization, the structure and the structure of the page has been wrong from the start.

Be aware that you also need to be involved

If you must have made ​​a new website, so it is important that you get involved from the start. First of all, you must of course share your thoughts with the supplier, for example. on your needs and what's important to you.

Where more you get involved from the start - the greater the chance that the project will be a success. You should also be aware that when you work with a professional web design company, such as. redWEB, then the company's employees a huge knowledge in the field, so you should also be open to input and ideas from web developers. Together in creating the best option where your wishes will be mixed with their skills.

At redWEB that we have the view that a good and serious web design - it is based on wireframes. A wireframe is a design tool used by the graphics when developing websites. You draw simply a journal of what each page should contain, how the navigation structure should be. In addition, the features page should be, how they work and where to place them. A wireframe is drawn from the client's initial wishes and used for:

  1. To give the customer an insight into the design so that can be adjusted so that there is maximum chance of the web design is approved the first time.
  2. Creating the right structure so that visitors can find what they are looking for. 
  3. Be aware of possible call-to-action and where to place them. 
  4. Create a thorough and well thought out web solution.

In this way, a good web design created where things are well thought out and the customer involved in the design.

It's also a good idea to involve themselves regularly and give constructive criticism and feedback. Involving you in the project, there is a maximum chance of the final product is as you want it, but remember to also web design companies of course are experts in the field, so when they say a solution is better than the other, so it is often based on experience and knowledge.

Remember smartphones and tablets

The market for smartphones and tablets getting bigger and bigger, I want you to remember when you have designed a new website. It is not uncommon that more than 20 percent of the traffic coming from either mobile phones or tablets. It can be really sensible to get a website that is responsive, so it adapts to the device to view the page. There is no relationship between CMS systems and the possibility of responsive design, it should be encoded into all solutions.

Personal contact

It's always a good idea to choose a company where you can get personal contact.  It can range from the initial meeting, to the ongoing dialogue through the design period. In addition, your project is transferred in a proper way, with teaching and examination of features and options.

Good references

It might be a good idea to check references from different firms – it gives a good overview of the capabilities and opportunities. To investigate the references can also be used as inspiration when you see a large number of great web design that you can be inspired by.

After delivery of a new website

There are also some topics that are relevant - in relation to the course after one's new website is completed.


Hacking problems and human error - it can occur on all sides. It is important that you choose a company that is aware of these problems can occur and have some clear guidelines about the problem.

Should you be in charge of updating the page or web agency do it for you? Who is holding the bag if the page being hacked?

As an example, we have at redWEB this policy:

The client must update the pages - this is however easily done hrough Joomla's built-in update system. If you are not interested in this, then you can buy an maintenance package. If your page is hacked, or such. damaged by human error, so we offer a recovery (If the page is hosted by redHOST) and guidance on corrective action.

You can also leave responsibility for security to us and have set up a security package.


What good is it to have a great website if you do not know how to use it. If you obviously are a shark in CMS systems, things are obviously easier. But there are very few that are - that's why it's a good idea to check with teaching, if you buy a new website with a web agency, or whether it is enough that may be purchased.

In closing

This was a quick review of some of the things you should do to if you go out and find a supplier for a new website. The list of course not complete, but gives an insight into some of the areas that may be relevant for you.

The article is obviously colored by our attitudes towards different things, but to have an opinion about things, it's only positive. It is better that a web agency has attitudes and firm policies regarding different issues than the emergence of situations where expectations and practices do not match.

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