Double up on CSR - Unemployed get jobs and sick children get good experiences!



A new groundbreaking project between redWEB, Odense and franklin & simonsen


Web industry is one of the industries in which technology take off at high speeds. It requires a finger on the pulse and constant work on upgrading and insight into new developments to avoid being left behind..

In collaboration with the social center of Odense and franklin & simonsen redWEB has designed a 12-week course designed to help 12 selected unemployed individuals to get a foot in the web industry. 12 candidates will participate in a specially crafted process that through daily lessons with redWEB and development projects from industry will result in a company internship and solid knowledge to carry forth.

It is an intensive course where the participants will use contemporary and practical tools for the development, design and implementation of web applications that are platform independent, while acquired skills in everyday interactions between all aspects of a Web project.
In short, the participants will increase their knowledge to include the latest technology in web industry. The goal is to educate the participants, thus increasing their chances for a job in IT and web industry.

Create experiences and safe environment for sick children

We have partnered with H.C. Andersen Children's Hospital in Odense University Hospital on a web project Magic Mountain, which aims to collect funds to create good experiences and a safe environment for sick children in HC Andersen Children's Hospital. Course participants are divided into four teams with the objective that all groups develop an independent website for Magic Mountain. 

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