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Come to JoomlaDay in Hamburg

Come to JoomlaDay in Hamburg

JoomlaDay in Hamburg will take place on 2 and 3 September - you can still buy tickets.

The program consists this year of "BusinessDay" 2 September and "communityday" 3 september.

"BusinessDay" will, among other things, have e-commerce as its focus, and there will be presentations by various experts at. 9-18. redWEBs Director Ronni KG Christiansen will talk about redsHOP on "BusinessDay" as part of the morning program. The afternoon program will be about technique as well as on the business work with Joomla.

"Communityday" also has a regular program at the start of the day with presentations like the "BusinessDay." The presentations are "communityday" not categorized by topics such as the "BusinessDay." The only common denominator is Joomla.

To read more about Joomaday Deutschland and book tickets - go to JoomlaDay Deutschland's website