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Our Joomla online shop built with redSHOP is the perfect choice when you want to work seriously with your shop. There are a ton of plugins available and if the extensions you need do not already exist we are ready to develop them for you.

We design and develop professional online shop solutions focused on ease of use, functionality, and high conversion rates.

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When you sell online

Online shopping is huge, and several industries have their primary sales online. But it is not irrelevant what you do with your shop, if you need to boost sales.

The reality is that the design of the online shop is important in order to encourage your users to buy online. Small adjustments to the design and functionality can ensure that more visitors goes all the way through the buying process and order something in your store.

It is also important that you work with your ranking on Google so customers can find your store. We have the knowledge and skills. Let us work with your Joomla shop and help raise your conversion rate. Your customers will have great confidence in your professionally run shop.


Eksempel på call to action integreret i redSHOP

Clear "Call to actions"

One of the key elements that we work with when designing your new online shop is to create clear call-to-actions. It is all about leading customers safely through your shop. A good example would be to enhance the appearance of the "purchase buttons" in the design so they are easy to spot.

A goal may be to lead your customers from your main page to your current promotions, and from there to your purchasing process and a purchase of the goods.

It is really important that text, colors and designs are well thought out and targeted. If we are not sure that the solution we have chosen is the best, we're happy to use optimization tools such as split tests, SEO and Google analytics. 

The professional solution

Running online stores can be a large and demanding operation. There is a lot that has to be mastered: Everything from visual identity and usability, search engine optimization, marketing and financial management. Choosing a professional partner who knows what they are doing is absolutely crucial.

Follow the links below and see what the advantages are if you choose a professional Joomla online shop solution with us.

See our references
A large selection of modules and plug-ins
You can always expand or develop new
Take the user's advice
No license fees
Starting the shop

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