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Our Process


How we work

High quality web solutions require a proven process. At redWEB our process is divided into four parts: analysis, design, development and marketing.


The design process we are starting from the information we have acquired through the initial analysis.

Our designers' main task is both to give you a good visual identity and users a perfect experience. It is an advanced art, and therefore we use a range of smart tools in the process, the most important being wireframing and usability .


To design can be made to look and function exactly as intended, it should be implemented. This means that we put it up in Joomla and make the programming that takes.

Implementation work has been divided between two teams; backend and frontend.

Back ends take care of the heavy technical tasks, such as new advanced functionality and server setup.

Front ends are the ones that get designed to play. It is also those who make the large amount of programming is required for the website looks and works exactly as intended in the design.


A website or a web shop do not just sell themselves. Therefore, we are in the final stages of marketing. 

The most important part of our marketing work is about helping since being found on Google (SEO). But it can also be about making ads on the web in the form of banners or Adwords.

As an extension of the website we are also developing short but effective campaigns in the form of micro-sites, games, quizzes and competitions.


Analysis is perhaps the most important phase of any project. This is where we find out how a project should be approached, what content should be on the page and how users will interact with it.

To do this we look at your company's online concept, the foundation of your visual identity, and what we can do to help improve things.

We often involve users in this process since ultimately they are the ones who must have a good experience on your website.

It's a proven workflow!

Our structured workflow ensures that our web solutions are well thought out and complete.

To make our process is as efficient as possible, we run regular internal quality assurance and product reviews so the products you are delivered have always been tested.

Contact us to talk about our workflow and how it can contribute to your website.

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