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Our maintenance packages ensure that your website is updated. It provides greater security for your site, as well as all the latest features. We offer two different solutions.

With the small package we keep your Joomla installation updated within one version branch. This means that if you have a Joomla v2.5.18 site we keep updating the site from 2.5.18 to all the versions starting with 2.5.X.

With the large package we provide, in addition to maintaining your Joomla installation we also keep all your 3rd party components and modules updated.

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Joomla core CMS within the same release branch $299
Joomla + component and 3rd party extensions $599

Maintenance Packages


redUPDATE # Joomla core CMS

  • We keep your Joomla installation updated to the latest version
  • Updates are done within the same release branch
  • Your installation is always updated and you can spend time on more exciting things
redUPDATE - Joomla and 3rd party components

redUPDATE # Joomla + component and 3 Party

  • Joomla kept updated within one version branch
  • We update your components and 3rd party extensions when there are new releases
  • No more worrying about updates and obsolete extensions

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